Jim Carrey’s Big A$$ mouth- 13 days delayed.

Seriously? Seriously.  I really quite liked this guy as an actor, didn’t really know much about him as a person. And still don’t really care too much but I just gotta say that the stuff he said on twitter about Elin Woods was LAME.  I get the whole “it takes two to tango” when referring to a disintegrating marriage but I’m pretty sure Elin wasn’t responsible for Tiger banging chicks besides her while they were married.  Or while she was doing him the honor of bearing his children. So not only is Tiger a douche, so is Jim Carrey.

One comment

  1. I totally agree with you. Who in the world is Jim Carrey to presume he knows anything about Tiger’s marriage, let alone Elin’s point of view. It was such an asinine thing to say…and obnoxious…and ridiculous…and ignorant…and…ugh…I don’t even want to continue…


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