Writing…for real?

So I’ve been thinking lately more about writing. Like writing writing… not just this blog, but a book of some sort. Especially now since I don’t have a job OTHER than being Maya’s mom and Evan’s wife (though really, we share that “wifey” role …the whole cooking cleaning part…) I thought about a children’s book, but the teacher in me would want to put some kind of message in there and I want to do something more fun than a message.  Then I was thinking of the old adage, “write what you know”…but what the heck do I know really? 

I’ve done some travel writing, but I haven’t travelled anywhere cool lately. And won’t in the near future.  I also did music reviews, but Lord knows those days now are far and few between.  So what does that leave me with….more blogging?  Kind of.  I’m too young to write my memoirs…so…Any ideas? Bueller? V–O-O-D-O-O Economics…


  1. When I took that magazine writing class the teacher said to just write – every day – and something will come out….there may be nothing specific now….but as you write it may come to you….


  2. I agree with your mom. I was told that, too. However, here’s an idea I’ll toss out there…Anytime I talk with any girlfriend who is single (at various ages – I’m talking 25 or 55), we end up talking about how I met Mark through an online dating site. You met Ev through an online dating site. It worked. You know why? Because we followed certain “rules” (not really rules, but we listened to red flags with other boys, etc). I think most people aren’t very good at navigating the online dating world…they end up in dead-end dating circles, etc. Maybe you can do some research and write about your own experiences and have it be a “how-to” find your mate through online dating…I have no idea if anyone’s done this (probably hundreds of books already) but it was the first thought in my (airy) head…


    • I think there are a lot of books about that…I still need to tell J. Date about our “story” so to speak….they keep sending me emails to do it, I just have to get around to it!


  3. I’m impressed that you are writing this – its a lot more writing then I do anymore. I keep thinking I should start as I really enjoy writing and being a stay-at-home too sometimes I feel like my brain isn’t exercised enough. Maybe we could write that kid’s book together as some kind of adventure with Quinn on this side of the globe and Maya on the other 😛 Now just to work out that message… (with two teachers – what else would you get LOL)


    • Thanks Holly – I had a feeling that once Maya was here I would sometimes feel like my brain wasn’t exercised enough as well…that’s why I started this blog! I like your idea about Quinn and Maya’s adventures…hmmm…I will have to think about that. I’ll get back to you if my brain comes up with any halfway decent ideas 🙂


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