T-10 days and counting…

Wow, Joy you’re going up in the Space Shuttle? Nope. Just on vacation. So it does involve some air travel, but not to outer space. Unless you consider Greater Philadelphia outer space…but that is a whole other Oprah.

In the midst of mentally preparing for our first airplane trip with Maya and about a million other things, I’ve once again abandoned this poor little blog.  Blog – I am sorry. I promise I will try to do better.

To catch up…summer finally arrived in LA in the last few weeks, so I’ve tried to swim with Maya, take her to the beach  and/or keep her (and myself) in the A/C.  In addition, I did a cool survey involving cars that paid $150 for 2 hours of my time, and took the baby (and myself) to the California Science Center (which she actually liked quite a bit!). Perhaps I have a little scientist in my midst.

Sadly, on Aug. 11, Evan’s grandma, Maya’s only living GG who she was to meet for the first time on our upcoming vacation, passed away.  It truly, truly breaks my heart that they will never got to meet in person, but Gram was in a lot of physical pain and I know she is not anymore.  I also know that all the pictures that we sent to Gram of Maya were a source of great pride and they brightened her often dark last days.  Evan did a lightning quick trip to Philly for the funeral while I stayed home to take care of the baby.  It was super hard for me not to be there for Evan and the family but the trip with Maya would have been too hard.  It was also super hard taking care of her by myself. Hats off to all of the single moms out there.  48 hours of single momhood was enough for me!

Right after Evan returned I finally got the chance to sub for my old company for two days while my Mom watched the baby.  It was good to get out, and remember I can do things besides “mother,”  plus contribute financially however little to the household, but I’m not going to lie. I cried the night before. I cried both mornings.  It was extremely hard to leave Maya, and she did not handle being away from me very well at all. She barely drank what I left for her, she was very fussy, wouldn’t sleep for long and the 2nd morning she melted down completely (which consequently made my mom melt down).  The day after, she was super clingy and didn’t want to leave my side. I suppose it didn’t help that I did this in the middle of the supposed peak of separation anxiety. I’m hoping that as she gets older and once she is no longer breastfeeding, it will be much easier.

So that’s what’s up…kind of a downer month in many ways. But that means things can only get better right?


  1. Things will get better, but remember, you are doing a fabulous job with your daughter and although she won’t remember what you did – the lasting effects of having a mother present during these early months will benefit both of you in ways that we don’t even know yet.


  2. I am sooo sorry to hear that about Ev’s grandma. I can still picture her from your wedding…she made quite an impression. A very elegant and sophisticated impression. (Loved the dress she wore!) Mark and I spoke to her for just a few seconds and she couldn’t help but say how very proud she was that this was her grandson’s wedding. Give our hugs to Ev.

    On a lighter note, you are one brave mama! I can only imagine how hard it was to be a working mom for two days this soon. But at least it was only for two days. Maya is so lucky to have you…and the rest of the village that comes with you. I’ve told you I’m taking notes in case I have one, right????


    • @Dawn – Thanks – I will give Ev hugs. And no you didn’t tell me that you were taking notes, but I take that as a very nice compliment 🙂 Send me some dates for our resched. I don’t want it to be forever again until I see you!


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