Day (375) – Every Last Drop

From The Better Man Project – Evan Sanders…before I even read this I had drafted a post about fear-based thinking that will be up tomorrow…he’s got great stuff in this one!

The Better Man Project ™


As I continue to go through my life, I am starting to come to deeper and deeper realizations. The things I have come to know in the past are being re-explored…and I am finding much more depth in them by considering them in the first place…and then by asking tougher questions of how I even reached that point. But there is one concept that stands out amongst the rest, and that is vulnerability.


Fear is what stops us from starting. When we are too afraid to start, we paralyze ourself. Why? Failure. We are afraid of being labeled a failure, from being a failure…and everything else that is associated with this term. But the problem is…if we wait for luck to strike, that doesn’t teach us anything. Many get massively lucky and then when everyone is expecting them to repeat their success…they can’t. I would rather fail over and…

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