Wednesday Word of the Day – Blahliday

blahliday – blah-li-day noun 

1: a day on which one is exempt from work for a holiday that one finds less than exciting.

2: an event which one is required to “celebrate”, despite the food being crappy (or nonexistent) and it not being a joyous holiday (i.e., many Jewish holidays, especially but not limited to Passover)

I know this is totally the antithesis to my last post as to why I do celebrate Passover, but the word was too funny for me to resist. So, again, sue me.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ahhhh… so you know the word then… James loves that word LOL We also like to call people muppets… especially other drivers 😛

    Actually, if you don’t mind me saying so, I’ve noticed you’ve used a few words that I’ve never (or very rarely) seen or heard in the US… like “whilst” – in fact, you’re the first person in 9 years I’ve seen use that word. So I’m thinking you’ve either spent time in New England… or you have some links to England in some way…

    Hmmm… oh it’s a mystery… it’s a mystery… I’m searchin’… for a clue…


  2. You’ve thought correctly…I’m from New York originally (born there and spent many a summer in NY and MA), and I’ve been to the UK twice (London, Bath, Oxford, the Cotswolds). Once when I was living abroad in Italy, and once on a work trip 2 lifetimes…I mean careers, ago. I quite like it there. 🙂


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