Punctuation poetry

I always thought it was either total crap or the coolest thing ever when people would say that their song, poem, latest idea for something fabulous came to them in a dream because honestly I didn’t understand how that could happen. Until now! (Not that this is my most fabulous idea ever, but you get the picture…I hope.)

I’ve had the last four days off (after 12 days in a row of going to work) and have caught up on sleep via some glorious naps while my little monkey M did the same. And on my last vacation nap, the following came to me in a dream where I was literally writing it in the dream as the way a lot of conversations go between men and women (or really anyone in a relationship, doesn’t matter the sexual preference since I think it is just a masculine vs. feminine dynamic.) You can pretty much insert any subject matter, but the same punctuation applies. Roles can also be switched.
I’ll call it…

What did you just say??

Him: …
She: ???
Him: …
She: !!!
Him: ???!!
She: …
Him: .
She: [sigh]

I hope to have less of this kind of sighing in my future, and more of the good kind.

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