Wednesday Word of the Day – Teenagery

teenagery – teen-age-er-ee adjective

1: having the disposition of a teenager

2: marked by or resulting from having the mindset of a teenager, including but not limited to thoughts of invincibility, selfishness and boredom.  Also marked by the innate ability to do something illegal in front of a police officer.


He may be in his 30s, but he sure seems teenagery when he plays that XBOX all damn day.

I always tell my students, don’t get caught doing anything teenagery (like loitering or tagging or smoking if you’re under the legal age) because we won’t get you out of a truancy ticket!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. LOL You can also substitute the name of your favourite teenager… for example, “that’s such a Janey thing to do” or “don’t be such a Steven.”

    I nearly bought a t-shirt once that read “don’t be a Richard” because I thought that was brilliant – especially since my name is Richard 😉


      • I teach at-risk youth at a charter school …middle through high school. It’s a bit of a non-traditional position though. I sometimes function as counselor, parent figure, tutor, tough love deliverer, receptionist, you name it. Wearer of many hats is a more apt description of what I do I suppose!


      • Yeeeeah… and then you find yourself sorely disappointed LOL

        Well Joy… as much as I’ve enjoyed our little “chat” as we’ve posted replies on each other’s blogs, it’s nearly midnight here and I must go to bed… otherwise I won’t be able to drag myself up in the morning LOL

        It was fun swapping comments LOL I hope you have a great night 🙂

        Clear skies,



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