Wednesday Word of the Day – Discombobulated

dis·com·bob·u·lated – dis-kəm-ˈbä-b(y)ə-ˌlāt-id  adjective

1: Utterly confused, disoriented, topsy-turvy, flummoxed, befuddled.


Every day this week, I’ve woken up and thought it was already Thursday; I’m so discombobulated!

The GPS directions to the restaurant had me so discombobulated, I had to pull over to consult a REAL map to find out where I was going.

*This one is not an original, but a favorite, and how I’ve felt several times in the past week or so.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. LOL I like “vexed”… discombobulated has too many syllables… I also like the word “disgusted” – not because of the word itself, but because I want to say how something gusted me… because of you can be disgusted by something, then you can also, logically, be gusted by something… so I want to say “wow, I’m truly gusted by your behaviour. That was a wonderful thing you did.”

    I’d like to see “gusted” become a part of the English language again… let’s make it so… (said in my best Captain Picard voice)


    • You know, Richard, you really need to learn how to speak Spanish…because in that language you definitely can “gust” something…si dice “Me gusta” to say…”I like”…really translates into “It pleases me” 😛


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