Friday Night’s Alright for Writing (#12) In Gratitude

I was having a conversation with my boss this week about a funeral of someone neither of us knew personally…a teacher and a coach who had passed away from brain cancer. She was sharing an experience someone had at his funeral, a celebration of his life of sorts… the thought of it made both of us tear up and it reminded us once again how important it is to be constantly grateful for the good things we have in life, and just for life itself.

Since I’ve got about 6 months until my favorite holiday, and since I intend to do another 30 Days of Thanks in November, I thought it would be a good time to do a preliminary list of things now.  Not to mention, it’s Memorial Day Weekend, and I’m already feeling grateful for the time off, and the sacrifices of soldiers who not only allow me that, but have allowed us so much more.  So until my official November thank yous roll around, when things get annoying, tough, rough, or any combination of those…and I feel like I’m about to lose my shiz, I’ll keep these goodies in mind…

…my health…my daughter’s health…my independence…my daughter’s increasing independence…the roof over my head…Maya’s acceptance of the two roofs over hers…the clothes on our backs…the food on our table…the students entrusted into my guidance…the teachers with whom I entrust my own daughter…my mother…my daughter…my sister…the lack of drama in my life…peace of mind…kindred spirits…love…hope…possibility…and new beginnings.


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