30 Days of Thanks – 2013 – Day 16

Today I am thankful for the Netflix streaming service.  I can finally binge-watch The Tudors and any other show I might find available on there that tickles my fancy.  This is amplified by the fact that I am sick and do not have to leave the house until Monday morning, so can therefore watch King Henry VIII go through all of his wives (and mistresses) at leisure for at least 24 hours. So far, I’ve only seen Catherine of Aragon in-depth, and been introduced to the Boleyn girls, but I have time yet. And for that, in addition to the Netflix itself, I am grateful.


  1. LOL I love Netflix but I have the DVD service because I rarely used the streaming… btw, watch all the Showtime stuff you can, while you can… if I remember correctly, Showtime broke their agreement with Netflix and want you to subscribe to their service through your TV provider and stream TV through their app instead.. like HBO Go…


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