Nature’s Palette

I’m the kind of person who when I see something I think is stunningly beautiful, I can’t seem to take enough pictures to try to capture the explosions that are happening in my brain from the visual feast. When I was in Italy for several months in the late 90s, I took hundreds upon hundreds of photos – and developed them all! That was before the digital age.  I’m sure now if I took the same trip, I’d blow through several memory cards…

This same thing happened to me this past weekend, when after I put Maya down to sleep, I went into the master bedroom on my way to the back patio so I could check on my plants.  In between the curtains, one of the most striking sunsets I would ever see was trying to get my attention.  I pulled open the sliding glass doors and gasped, and literally ran out to tell my partner and his son — “You’ve got to come see the sunset. It’s epic.”

I kept taking pictures, despite the interruption of the power lines.  These don’t do it justice, but it gives you a hint of the plethora of colors you’ll find just by peeking up in the sky.


Purples, violets, peach
Purples, violets, peach
Oranges, blues, pink
Oranges, blues, pinks
The colors change every minute...
The colors change every minute…
Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me...
Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me…



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