Astronaut Ice Cream

Yesterday, we took a field trip to the California Science Center and let the Space Shuttle Endeavor do the job of impressing our guests.  Every time I visit there though, I’m reminded of something I used to get as a kid when I was at museums, and actually have found a few times as an adult – astronaut ice cream.  It’s freeze-dried, and the most popular kind comes in a Neapolitan combo of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

According to NASA, the treat only flew to space aboard Apollo 7 back in 1968, but it has developed somewhat of a cult following since, not to mention the technology used to make it has been used to make other types of  “astronaut” or “camp” foods.

I love it for several reasons – it’s creamy, flavorful, unique and it doesn’t melt like regular ice cream…unless it’s in your mouth! Then it dissolves slowly and is delicious.

Vanilla is my favorite, strawberry is a close second…

Have you ever tried it?  If not, click here and treat yourself.

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