Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Earlier this week, my friend from college, Kiana, texted me and asked how I felt about rosé. However, her iPhone autocorrected to “rose” without the accent and since she is a floral designer, I thought she was talking about a particular kind of rose, or roses in general. Or maybe, it could have been Rose from Titanic. I told her I liked all three and that I was confused. She explained and it made me chuckle because it’s so damn easy to misinterpret a text, or an iMessage.  And, because my brain often works in song, I thought of this song by Billy Joel…bottle of white, bottle of red…

Speaking of my friend, sometime soon, I’ll be doing a guest post on her blog at Tulipina.  I’ll let you know when…She’s pretty cool, so go check out her blog in the meantime! Oh, and listen to some Billy Joel while you’re at it…


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