Evening Walks and End of Summer Blooms

On the evenings the little monkey is with her Dad, and I don’t have to work late, the Man and I usually take a nice walk around the neighborhood.  Well, that is after the wretched heat subsides – if it’s still well above 80°F, we’ll wait until it cools some more.  I really enjoy these walks for several reasons — it’s time spent together, out in the fresh air, I get to hold the Man’s hand and it allows us both to transition from work head space to home head space. Oh yeah, we also get exercise. Major bonus since I like to eat and am headed toward the sunset of my metabolism.

On these evening walks, I’ve been “pulling over” to check out our neighbors’ gardens. I’ll admit, I’m a little jealous because I only have a patio on which I can have plants, and not an actual plot of soil to till – so I’m always tickled by the beauty I find amidst the street construction, traffic and smog of the city.

Here are a few gems I found on one of our last walks…

A rose by any other name…

Salmon rose...well, that's what I'm calling it anyway.
Salmon rose…well, that’s what I’m calling it anyway.

And a morning glory…one of my favorite purple flowers…

Morning Glory, held by the Man, so it would be steady in the evening breeze.
Morning Glory, held by the Man, so it would be steady in the evening breeze.

Looking at these helps me forget the sore points of the day, and reminds me there is so much to smile about.

What do you like to see that makes you smile at the end of your work day?



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