Take Me To Church

I heard this song for the first time on the way to work about a week or so ago…I Shazam’d it – and it hasn’t left me since.  The artist is Hozier – a 24-year old Irishman who has a boatload of talent. His voice has a certain honesty to it, and at times he sounds like a “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road”-era Elton John (especially during the chorus).

The official video for the song is very heavy, but today, in light of wanting to keep this site focusing on the positive, and preferring for people to draw their own conclusions about song meaning, I’m sharing a live version.


  1. It’s not about religion! lol – he talks about “deathless death” – “little death”

    post-orgasm state – and he talks about “no sweeter sin” and being clean afterwards…..I like his voice…


  2. Thanks for your words of encouragement! I’ve followed your blog in my absence and enjoyed it, even if I didn’t comment. I was too tired!
    I’m late to the cooking scene, but strangely energized by it. Who knows where it will lead? 🙂

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