11th Hour Sunset

In case you weren’t aware (perhaps you live under that rock that so many legislators seem to also live under these days), teachers often work late, either staying after hours for extra-curricular offerings for their students, to re-mediate students who need it, or to catch up on the never-ending piles of grading. I’m not sure where the “teacher as resource-sucker” myth originated…you know the one…that all of us get off at 3:00 PM, never take work home, have 2 months off in the summer and get paid oodles of cash to do what we do.  Actually it probably originated prior to the explosion of information technology, when kids did have the summer off to play, and teachers might have been able to breathe for a minute while they were planning for the next year’s classes.

I found myself working one of those late nights last week, and when I left a little after 7:00 PM, the sky was awash with color.  After 11 hours, it was just what I needed.


Something to make me...and you smile...
Something that made me…and will hopefully make you smile…


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