Angel wings, cloud formations and saving grace

During the heat wave we had about a week ago (heat meaning daily temperatures over 100°F), we went to a party in the hottest part of our valley, during the peak heat of the day.  When it was time to leave, the car was literally an oven, so we had to run the A/C for about 5 minutes before we could even entertain getting inside.  While we waited, we stood in the shade of a gorgeous tree and made the most of our time – me with one of my favorite things to do — stare at cloud formations. I love to imagine what they could be, pinpoint what types of clouds they are (this is the aspiring meteorologist in me), and if I’m lucky, watch the wind gently move them along and change their shape.

The sun was nearly directly overhead and the light through the tree’s branches and leaves was a delight in and of itself, but then a few clouds came by to play and I couldn’t stop taking pictures.  When all was said and done, this one ended up being my favorite, because the combination of the clouds, the sun’s rays peering out from underneath them, and the sun itself, made it look like the universe had created an angel to shield us from the sun.  Serendipity at it’s finest, the saving grace of a scorching hot day.

Savior from the hot sun
Savior from the hot sun


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