Just Stretch

There have been a billion articles (okay, maybe just a million…or two…that I’ve read) in the last few months talking about the negative health effects attributed to long periods of sitting.  Everything from decreased blood flow, to increased obesity rates has been mentioned, along with correlations to heart disease. What I’ve gleaned from this is, if you can be mobile, you shouldn’t be sedentary for long periods if you want to remain healthy and vibrant. And I do.

This is tricky because two things I love to do – write and read (and teach to some extent…so that’s three things…) can involve lots of  “tush loves chair.” And while I do make a concerted effort to go for a walk at lunch a few times a week (even if it is to grab lunch), or to take walks with the Man after work, I could be better about taking regular breaks while I’m slaving away (happily) at a computer.

I usually don’t realize the effect sitting has until something in my putterings makes me need to bend down and my lower back says, “Yes! More! Please! Now!”

This happened today when searching for English curriculum for a student required me to just about do a standing forward bend to reach it.  I realized that I’d been sitting for far too long, and more to the point, hadn’t actually stretched today.  So I stayed down reaching for something, even after I’d found it. Bliss.

Standing Forward Fold

Fingers touching toes

as the sanguine fluid flows

taut sinew softens.

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