Trick or Treat

I would swear that as I get older, the years get faster, my grays get more prominent, and it gets harder for me to maintain my girlish figure.  Especially around this time of year (which has, by the way, come up way too fast)…I’ve done a pretty good job of staying away from Halloween candy thus far.

I used to buy a bag to have because…well, why not? I’d use the excuse it was for my students, but I totally stashed half the bag in my drawer for those “rough days” at the office. But this year, I’ve walked right past those aisles in the store and gone home empty-handed.  The killing of the sugar cravings has succeeded for the most part.

I’m not going to lie however….when we take the little monkey out on Friday night – I will be inspecting her candy, and I will be taking an inspector’s fee for such very hard work in the form of these:


Yes, the famed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  It is Halloween candy perfection (okay, it’s just regular day candy perfection as well) and normally, I keep them very far away because I can’t eat just one.

But tomorrow, I will eat at least one. And I won’t feel the least bit guilty.


  1. I have a serious chocolate addiction and my girlish figure went the way of menopause. I buy candy that I don’t like (still the kinds that kids do) and I won’t eat as much. Enter the eating fest over the next several weeks that begins with Halloween!

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  2. There is something so heavenly about peanut butter and chocolate. My kids count their candy and they’ll notice if I steal all their Reese’s. I may have to hit the store on Nov.1 and see if I can grab some half price before they all disappear.

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