30 Days of Thanks 2014 – Day 7

Today I am thankful for my overall good health. I may have a few extra pounds on, be a little creakier than I was last year, and have one extra scar healing from yet another little bit of skin cancer.

But…I am able to walk several miles without batting an eyelash after a long day’s work, several times a week. I’m able to flex my body into pigeon, and double pigeon, not to mention downward dog. I can still run when I’m well-rested.  And of all the skin cancers, I have the easiest kind to remove.

For all of those things, I am grateful.


  1. Hi Joy, Gratefulness really is so important, isn’t it? I know that sometimes it’s easy to focus on the thinks we can’t do rather than what we can. 30 Days of Thanks is a fabulous idea.
    Great job on the walking!


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