30 Days of Thanks 2014 – Day 21

Today I am thankful for having the day off because I accomplished more today than I do on nearly every other Friday.

From my gargantuan, ongoing to-do list, I checked off the following:

Volunteered for a few hours at the monkey’s school – Done!

Walked to and from said volunteering (nearly 2.5 miles) = exercised for today – Done!

Watched her Thanksgiving feast school performance – Done!

My Turkey
My Turkey

Thanksgiving shopping – Done! (Minus 3 turnips and some hot chocolate…who has only 1 turnip in stock? Sigh…)

And…I also managed to spend quality time with my Mom, something I haven’t done in 3 months and spend some quality time with Maya, sans rushing and the usual frustrations.

For all of these things, I am grateful.


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