30 Days of Thanks 2014 – Day 29

Today I’m thankful for 2 things — #1) Getting to sleep in until nearly 10. Despite having had over a week off, due to being a mama and having to catch up on my to-do list, that sleeping in thing never happened until today, and for that I am very grateful. I also think it’s funny that this is the second time in 30 days that I’ve talked about  being grateful for sleep.

The second thing is being able to finally go through my closet to finalize the things I need to give away. Remember that thing I talked about way back at the beginning of November, donating books and clothes? Well, so far, I’ve donated 4 bags worth of children’s clothes to various outlets. I have one of the local rescue missions picking up another bag this week, plus I’ve got more that I will get to today. I am grateful to be able to do both of these things today.

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