To fish or not to fish…

They say it's a river, but I don't know...
They say it’s a river, but I don’t know…

Sometimes you’ll get to see strange things in the concrete jungle…yesterday was one of those days. Due to the good washing Los Angeles received (a rare all-day storm), the “LA River” (what I fondly called the “wash” in my childhood, despite it being bone-dry 95% of the time) was actually flowing, and fast.

The other strange thing was that while I will sometimes see mallards floating in what little water covers the bottom of the channel, we saw what I will venture to guess (according to my superior Googling skills) was a Great Egret.  Birders – please correct me if I am wrong.  It was quite pretty, and contemplative.

“Are there any fish in there? Hmm…I wonder. It’s pretty murky. I’ll just stand here and watch for a while.”

We did the same.

As a quick reminder – please hop on over to to check out my guest post on friendship today and to check out Kiana’s beautiful arrangements. Have a fabulous week…

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