Thoughts of the Day…Tuesday

December – “the month that hurtles” as I like to call it. It’s like someone takes a football at Thanksgiving and throws it at you, tells you to go long, and then when you catch it, not a minute later, it’s already New Year’s Eve.

I took some time last night to be mindful and meditative, thinking about where I want my writing to go from here, whether I wanted to add, subtract or divide my time up between here on the blog and other writerly pursuits. And I think, I’ll likely do a little bit of all that.

For my writer/readers – do you set out editorial calendars for yourselves? Are you doing one for the New Year?

For just my readers – do you have anything you’d like me to do more of? Less of? I haven’t really asked much, but now is your chance!

For everyone – are you still eating leftovers? 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

I'm having them again for lunch - is that wrong?
I’m having them again for lunch – is that wrong?


  1. Meditating is a great way to resolve conflict within ourselves. I know it’s the way I come up with the decisions I come up with. Meditation provides that peace I need to move forward.

    As for the writing calendar. I write every day and it seems that if as long as I get my sleep, the creativity keeps flowing. Sleep is my secret weapon.

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    • I tend to write every day as well, even if it is only for 20 minutes. Sleep should be everyone’s secret weapon! I swear that is what has kept me from getting really sick this year. If I slept even more, it could only be better!

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