We actually got some rain this past weekend and decided to take a walk in it, because you know, it might never happen again!  We took a long one and along the way, we passed many of these beautiful, white, stinky pear trees.

Too bad it doesn't actually smell like pears...
Too bad it doesn’t actually smell like pears…

I love the look of them (until my nose gets a whiff) for two reasons. First, It’s probably the closest thing we will get to seeing snow on branches.  If you look from far away, they really look like they’ve gotten a dusting.  Secondly, I love the vision of new blooms against a gray sky — a juxtaposition of winter and spring.

I suppose it is more than a little odd that these lovelies are flowering in mid-winter (as they are supposed to do so in early spring), but my intention here is not to discuss global warming’s effects on our trees and everything else.  I just wanted to share with you the contrast because it’s one of the things I love to see.

Try to notice these little things in your everyday life — as they are truly the things that make it interesting!

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