False Gharials And Fly River Turtles… Floating 

How excited was I to read on Saturday that the Weekly Photo Challenge assignment (yep, I never seem to do it on a Friday) was to interpret “afloat” to the best of our abilities? Very, and I’ll tell you why… We were headed to the Los Angeles zoo yesterday because it was a beautiful spring day and we wanted some exercise, to be outside to enjoy the weather. What better place to see animals that float than the zoo? Well, there are better places, but right now I’m not there, so I’ll take what I can get…

We stopped by the resident alligator Reggie, for whom their newest restaurant is named (and no, they don’t serve him up on a platter.) He was in water but not quite afloat…

Reggie the Alligator
Not quite afloat…

We passed by the meerkats who got a real kick (or are these faces of terror?) out of the helicopter circling overhead. No floating there…

Meerkats at the Los Angeles Zoo
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…meerkats!

We visited the plethora of baby animals born in the zoo… kangaroos, koalas, and chimpanzees. Simply precious, but no floating there either.

I finally found the best subjects in the L.A.I.R (Living Amphibians Invertebrates and Reptiles.)

Here is the little monkey squinting outside of the building:

LAIR  Los Angeles Zoo
Doing her best lizard pose in front of the LAIR

If you’ve never seen a Fly River turtle, they look a bit like a water snake with a shell and flippers. This guy was mostly swimming but I caught him floating…look closely and you can see the cool snout (you may also see my arm reflected in the glass!):

Fly River Turtle Los Angeles Zoo April 2015
Piggy turtle?

The Australian Lungfish floated near the bottom of the tank….

Australian Lungfish
Float…float on….

And then there was my favorite, and the best thing I saw “afloat”– the False Gharials– coolest name and alligator-like creature around. There are two there and this one lay in the water, nearly still, gently moving his tail if he wanted to switch direction and find some shade :

False Gharial Los Angeles Zoo


Incidentally – we entered a contest to name that little baby kangaroo – if you have a minute, please click on THIS LINK so that our name may be the winner …and that our family might win a camera so I can take more pics for you!



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      • I’ve been insanely busy so I haven’t had time to do as many photo challenges as I wanted. I’m a day behind on A to Z. I really need a few days of NOTHING so I can catch up and see what’s going on in the photo challenge world. 🙂

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