Dance, Dance

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you, I’m not generally a quick writer (slow and laborious is more like it, but I enjoy it whatever way I do it…) and I only have 20 minutes before I have to shower and get on with the day (yes, I’m saying that at nearly 2p, but that is how I like my Sundays to roll.) I’d also tell you I wanted to share a song I fancy like I usually do on Sundays and say a few things about it — Fall Out Boy’s  “Dance, Dance”…

1) I’m going to a wedding tonight of a friend I’ve known for more than 28 years.  I think the fact that we’ve known each other for that long and have remained in touch in one form or another for that amount of time warrants some dancing.  She also happens to be gay and that her marriage will be legal here in this state is also something that warrants a ton of happy dancing.

2) There is a lyric in the song that says –

Dance, Dance

We’re falling apart to half-time. 

I used to think it was “at half-time” which has an entirely other connotation, not related to the song, but about football and it made no sense if I actually thought about it. It also reminds me what the song is about – a guy desperate for a girl.

Today it just reminds me that I’m more than half way through the A to Z challenge and I’ve not yet fallen apart, at or to half-time or any other time. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you if it wasn’t so late in the day, I’d have another cup but if I drink some now, I’d be a jitterbug (though I guess that might serve me at a wedding.) It also reminds me that I am sometimes desperate to get those damn posts out and that I’m happy April is nearly over!

In case you’ve missed some of my earlier posts – here are some of my favorites I’ve done so far:

A is for Ancestors

B is for Barcelona

E is for Eco-friendly Practices

H is for Highly Sensitive

M is for Minimalism…and Mediterranean


And here is your little earwig. If we were having coffee, I’d just play it for your on my laptop, and we’d …dance, dance!  No falling apart required.






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