T is for Train Travel

Living in this big metropolis, I’m eager to do anything that makes it so I have to deal with traffic less.  When I can I take the Metro (earthquake country’s version of the subway)…honestly if you’re headed to Dodger Stadium or Downtown Los Angeles from the San Fernando Valley, you can’t beat it.  The stations are relatively clean, it’s inexpensive, you don’t have to pay for parking, the people-watching is fantastic, you don’t have to deal with traffic…did I mention no parking fees?  It also forces you to enjoy the scenery once you get to your destination because your brain isn’t consumed with finding a good spot or wondering when you’ll have to leave…it makes you enjoy the moment.

I also quite like taking the Amtrak, especially the Surfliner.

Surfliner cab car

This is a train that runs along the California coast and for many portions of the ride, allows you to see the ocean while you sit back, relax, and enjoy.  I took this a time or two when I was going to college up in Santa Barbara, wanted to come home, but didn’t have a way back. I’ve also taken it to San Diego – both trips are lovely, though I must say the one to San Diego took a lot longer than I had hoped and I was ready to get off when I got to my destination.  The Santa Barbara ride seems just right…

When I was in Europe, I travelled by rail as well, using my Eurail Pass.  Beyond the stinky feet I had to endure in the sleeping cars (one offender was so vile he prevented sleep, and I swear, I nearly vomited), and the constant changing of schedules and tracks (mostly in Italy due to their propensity for train strikes), I very much enjoyed exploring this way.

I’d love to have more adventures on trains, and introduce the little monkey to something beyond the Metro.  We shall see what next year brings us…

For more on the A to Z Challenge, please go HERE. We’ve only got six letters to go!

Stay tuned during the month of April to see what other subjects I want to explore…I’ll return to my senses on May 1.


  1. There is a great new documentary on train travel coming out from Albert Maysles called “In Transit”, interviewing people riding Amtrak’s Empire Builder. Haven’t seen it yet but hear it reflects this same kind of love.

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