Mindful and Meditative Mondays #11

I had a very productive day yesterday – I woke up naturally, not to any alarm, around 7:30. The Man was still sleeping so I used the quiet time to do some social media, read some blogs, and fart around the internet.  We Skyped with his parents and ate breakfast and were nearly done with our errands around the time we usually leave the house on a Sunday.  The car had new windshield wipers and a properly working headlight bulb, I picked up the gift I need for an upcoming shower, and some other things at Target (and yes, I spent way too much money there… I’m just like everyone else who gets sucked into their vacuum).  We grocery shopped and put things away, had a nice lunch and watched some Louis C.K.

In the middle of an afternoon Skype with the little Man, I became so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  Despite what common sense told me about napping so late in the evening, I could do nothing but lay down. So I did for an hour…and it felt great.

Sometimes (always!) you have to just listen to your body and trust it will tell you what it needs.  I think it’s when we stop doing so that we get into trouble.  May it be sleep, a craving, a desire to be near the water, quiet, or something else….if your body is crying out for something, listen to it.

Have a great week ahead – already looking forward to our Memorial Day holiday next week in the US!




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