Beds are Burning

If you’ve paid any attention to any news this week (local, national, and even international), you’ve likely heard about the environmental disaster that is the Refugio Oil Spill.  To sum it up, a pipe carrying crude oil operated by the Plains All American Pipeline ruptured in a culvert just north of Santa Barbara, California. Of the approximately 105,000 gallons that leaked before it was shut down, about a 1/5 of that rolled its way right into the Pacific Ocean, endangering marine life.  The rest of it has mucked up the coastline and put the people and property of the surrounding area at risk. This is the song that popped in my head this week when I heard about the spill…

Now the song has nothing to do with oil spills, and everything to do with the indigenous people of Australia being pushed out of their native lands, but there is something visceral about the music that matches the feeling I get inside when I hear that man has managed to screw up some other natural habitat by being careless. The lyrics also make me want to sing (shout?) to the oil companies.

The time has come
A fact’s a fact
It belongs to them
Let’s give it back**

Refugio belongs to the snowy plover, the pelicans, dolphins, crabs, sea lions, elephant seals, and countless others.  But now, their home looks like this:


A fact’s a fact, it belongs to them, how are they going to get it back?

There are many organizations helping to clean up the mess, including the Coast Guard, the EPA, and even experts from my alma mater, UCSB and I am grateful to all of them. I can only hope that their efforts have swift returns.

What are your feelings on incidents like this? Is the transportation of crude a necessary evil? Are we doing enough to expand sources of renewable energy? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


**Song Lyrics Courtesy of: Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning Lyrics | MetroLyrics


  1. We do need to do more to stop these disasters and endangering the sea life. Sadly the companies selling the oil are too interested in making profit than helping the environment #weekendbloghop

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    • I agree – the sad thing is soon they will have nothing to spend their profit on as our planet will be in a shambles! Thanks for visiting 🙂


  2. I’ve visited Santa Barbara many times (I have family there), and this just breaks my heart. I truly hope we start investing in more alternative fuels soon. Oil isn’t worth the cost. #weekendbloghop

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    • I agree – I’ll be spending a few days there next week for my mini-vacation within my vacation. Thanks for visiting and for commenting 🙂


  3. At this point I do believe it’s a necessary evil. I do however think that they’re should be better systems put in place to shut an unfortunate accident like this down faster. I realize that the oil is being pumped out at a high speed and volume but is there really no way to shut down before that much is pushed out into the environment?

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