If we were having coffee, I’d tell you to Shut Up and Dance.

No really, I would.  Then I’d continue to sing that addictive song by Walk The Moon and wish that I was driving in the car with the little monkey in the background so that she could sing it along with me.  Alas, she is in Philly with her Dad visiting her grandparents.  I’d tell you that I went to see her on Friday at her Dad’s to bring over her carry-on and swim paraphernalia and that we got our few last kisses and cuddles in before her trip. I would remind you this is only the second time we’ve been apart for so long and I dislike it only a little less than when she went away the last time. At least this time I didn’t cry.

And then I would tell you….holy crap! Coffee tastes good again!


I was worried there for a while that I was losing my taste for that and for bacon completely. The horror! I’d tell you that I am officially into my second trimester again and the nausea is 99% gone.  The heartburn is 99% here though and therefore Tums is my new BFF. Trident Spearmint gum comes in a close second for a quick remedy of the burpies. I’d also tell you that the insomnia this week was a doozy, but that it at least allowed me to finish the book I’d been reading Miramont’s Ghost.

I’d tell you that the return to work this week was a bear on all accounts. I might tell you about the new position I interviewed for this week, but I’d stop because I don’t want my talk to influence the results. I’d tell you I got more than half of my grading done Friday, but took the rest home and I’ll be sitting on the couch later to finish it up so I don’t start next week behind.

I’d tell you I’ve been watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix and that it is hilarious. There is something about Ellie Kemper’s face that makes me break into raucous laughter – not because she looks funny, but because she IS funny. And it has Carol Kane in it! Every time I see her, I want to say, “Have fun storming the castle!” (Quick! Name that movie!)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you my house is a mess and I have about 5.5 months to make it baby-inhabitable.  And then I will forget that is something I have to address for another week. I’d also tell you that I’m really irritated with Amazon for having their “Prime Day” sale in the middle of the week.  I know it’s their anniversary and all but for those of us who work, that leaves just our lunch hour to find mad deals on things like strollers and car seats and….stuffffff.

I’d also tell you that I’m convinced that the Walk The Moon dudes listened a lot to this Hooters song growing up, because to me Shut Up and Dance is a 30-year old update of it – not like they stole it or anything, but it’s extremely reminiscent of it in my book, with a little jangly U2 guitar thrown in:

I’d tell you that now that I’ve played you that song, that this one is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day:

I’d apologize for my incessant singing. Then I’d tell you the Man got all mad because that song was now going to be stuck in his head the rest of the day. I hope it gets stuck in yours too 🙂




  1. It’s funny that you mentioned that song because Kris just brought it up yesterday. I guess my grandson sings it all the time. I had no clue what they were talking about!

    Each stage of pregnancy brings different reliefs and agonies. lol I just went through this with my daughter-in-law last year and it brought back so many memories. It’s such an exciting time!:)

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    • It is exciting! And agonizing lol- yes this song is one of those where you can actually understand the lyrics so I think kids would latch on to it even more 🙂 and who doesn’t want to dance?

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  2. Oh, thank you for this – I love this song! I keep hearing part of it on the radio but I had no idea who sang it! Love the video too. I hope your little monkey is back with you soon.
    Thanks for linking up with the Weekend Blog Hop!

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  3. Little Jedi is gone to his dad’s house every-other-week in the summer, and that never gets easier for me. I have no idea what I’ll do when he’s grown up and really gone—the horror! lol

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  4. I’m going to say THANK YOU for getting that song stuck in my head! 🙂 I love that song and right now, there is no better one to be singing all day! Oh…and I have never heard of that Hooters song, but I definitely agree with you there!

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