Skin Care Saturday #3 – Multi-Function Eye Cream

The smallest child has kept me from writing these more often …even before he came out he was exhausting me! But now that he’s here, he can be especially good at depriving me of sleep or at the least mentally exhausting me with all of his baby tricks, so what’s a girl to do? Get herself some good eye cream and pray that it works!

Well, lucky for me, I happened to have access to some very good quality eye cream, with a great reputation at 25% off retail prices…so, I snapped a jar up.

Without fail, after I pat this silky cream gently into my orbital bone (both below and above my eyes), I look and feel AWAKE again.

The peptides contained in this tiny, but ever-lasting jar of Multifunction Eye Cream work to minimize the appearance of your crow’s-feet, decrease puffiness and under-eye circles. Plus, it contains special optical diffusers (I just call it “magic”) that visibly brighten the eye area.

Rodan + Fields Multi-Function Eye Cream
They don’t call it “eye crack” for nothin’!


If you’re still unsure of whether this might be the right product for you – run yourself through the Solution Tool on my site found HERE or drop me a line here:

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