Ephemeral – In the sky and on the ground

Yep, I’m addicted. Damn photo challenges! This past Friday’s photo challenge was to capture something ephemeral. I think with photography you are always trying to capture the ephemeral – snapping a moment that you’re afraid your aging brain might forget. Or, a moment so beautiful that you know no matter how good the picture is, it will never ever live up to the real thing.

Ephemeral is the fleeting, the rare, the impermanent.

Like the moment the bird photo-bombed my sunset picture…


Sunset_Westward Beach_021415
It made it better though didn’t it?

…or the moment the little monkey buried herself in a ball pit.  At one time, this was a terrifying act for her, literally. The pleasure in her face spoke of her confidence. I know that will come again, but as a parent you never know when that will be or if you’ll be there to witness it. I’m so glad I was there to take the picture.

Little girl in a ball pit
Happy monkey



  1. Oh I definitely think the bird enhanced the photo but the sunset is magnificent. I love ball pits ~ I often take my grandson to one and he loves it as long as there is no-one else diving in.
    I agree with your philosophy on photography ~ it’s the same with writing ~ I often have to jot down a phrase, word or speech before I forget it.

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  2. I share your addiction for photo challenges. I haven’t had time to do as many lately and it’s been bugging me. I want to do more!!

    Those are great pictures! I’m still working on catching “ephemeral” photos. 🙂

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