Inspiration from Exasperation

I’ve been told that as a little girl, I was a chatterbox. My mind was always going and I had lots of things to say (in English and in what I thought was Spanish. I used to record myself speaking fake Spanish sprinkled with actual Spanish words and then smack my sister on the head with the microphone when she tried to join in. Ask her about it – it was not my finest hour.)  The love of words and talking actually went somewhere academically, as I had a 12th grade reading level when I was 6 years old, but I’m pretty sure I drove my mother up a wall.  I was that kid you had to differentiate for on the top end of the spectrum because I was done before everyone else. I didn’t act up really, but I did get bored.  My point here is not to brag – but to tell my mom, should you have ever been annoyed by my incessant talking, I now understand your position.  As a Grandma now, you probably think it’s cute, which I do most of the time, but today I was short on patience.

So, rather than yelling at my little monkey, I went for a run. I know I’ve talked about this a few times before, but I find a lot of inspiration along the way when I do this. Who wouldn’t when they see this as they weave in and out of the tree-lined streets?

Sun setting on the finally changing leaves..
Sun setting on the finally changing leaves…

I started thinking about the places where I find inspiration for not just my writing, but for my everyday challenges (like non-stop chatter when all I could use is silence) and as I was running, and sweating, and aching because I haven’t done it enough lately, I realize just being among the trees is very high up there in the ranking for the places that let my mind wander enough to problem-solve.

The beach, and the shower are other favorites of mine as they both tend to produce good things for both my writing and my life in general. For instance, I realized today that I don’t think the monkey gets outside enough on the weekends.  This is my own fault because I prefer to be inside (and she does too to a certain extent) but is also just a result of the never-ending summer weather we’ve had. It’s not good for us fair, cancer-prone folks. I think her body is not getting the exertion it needs so she runs at the mouth. At least that is my bright idea for today. I could be totally proved wrong once I start taking her to the park more often, but I’ll let you know.

I also got to thinking about the post, which I had not planned on writing this morning, so the run was a triple score. Exercise for me, idea for my kid, and idea for my blog…whoo hoo!

As I come across all the NaNoBloMo participants and the NaNoWriMo folks, I can’t help but find myself wondering – what are their favorite spots for inspiration?  Does exasperation push you to good things, or paralyze you?

After all, don’t they say necessity is the mother of invention?  I’d love to hear where you find your inspiration, your creativity blossoming.

And on that note, it’s time for The Walking Dead. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday (or Monday, whatever the case may be!)


  1. And just in case anyone was wondering, the Man was home with the Monkey as we were chatting with the Man’s own monkey on Skype as Mummy went for a run 🙂

    (Did any of that make any sense?)

    P.S. If there are any home videos if you smacking your sister with a microphone, the Man would like to see those. Just for his own amusement.

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  2. When you were little it was hard keeping up with your mind! But it did keep me sharp too…..and on my toes. I think you’re right about not getting out enough on the weekends with Maya….she needs the exercise of her body so her mouth won’t run so much, or maybe it would run more! Who knows! As everyone who is a parent knows, there is no manual, so do the best you can!

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