Mindful and Meditative Mondays #8 – Checking In

So we’re three months into the New Year – I wonder for those who made resolutions, how many have fallen off the wagon?  Are any making progress towards their goals? As I stated in my nearly-New Year’s post, rather than make a resolution this year, I chose a theme: Freedom.  I haven’t forgotten it, and I’ve tried to make choices daily that lead my goals to fruition.

I won’t lie though. Work has made this tough, and the fact that I have allowed that is troublesome to me. Not that it hasn’t come with some positives because it has (I’m teaching a new course, in a new format, and I really like it), but I’ve moved a bit farther away from keeping with my theme than I am comfortable.

So I sat with this….and came up with this week’s meditation:

Check In With Your Goals

I’d like to say my goals are in the slow-cooker for now.  But they are cooking. Check in with me – where are you on your 2015 path? Are you on track for where you want to be on New Year’s Eve?

Let me know, I’d love to hear…

and have a wonderful week.


  1. I’m getting closer. My word or theme for this year is “home”. We’re going to meet with our landlord in the next few weeks to see about buying our house, and I’m working on finding a job closer to home. The applications are going out and should all be done by the end of this week…which means I’m going home (I work 90 minutes from home during the week).

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      • I actually stay with my in-laws during the week so I’m only making the drive a few times a week…and I listen to podcasts or put together playlists. My husband and I joke that it’s like I’m working off-shore but I don’t make the big bucks that off-shore folks make (lots of our friends work in the oil fields or on rigs) 😉

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  2. Uhmmmm, no. My word for 2015 is focus and I’ve lost it. I’m currently working to dig out of the hole I’m in and get back on track. That’s a very fitting quote. I guess I need to keep that flame burning!

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